Give your customers a quote on the goods and services you will offer them. Grow your revenus by creating Quotes quickly professional quotes and adjusted them as needed to turn them into invoices when the quote is approved by the client!


Quote from anywhere, anytime!

Send a quote in minutes and do it quickly to attract your client needs. Use the same contact, inventory and pricing information at your disposal to send your estimate.


Customise your quote by adding your logo, your terms and agreements and your payment options. Then send your quotes by email with a nice message or print them out and give them in person.

Know the status of your quotes

Identify the quotes you’ve sent and the ones that have been accepted. Obtain faster feedback from your customers by letting them decide in seconds and online if they accept, decline or have any comments on your quote.

Turn your quotes to follow up or invoices

Find a quote so you can follow up and discuss with your client. If someone accepts your quote, turn it into an invoice in seconds to improve your cashflow and invoice right away. The faster you quote, the faster you invoice, the faster you cash in!