Financial reporting

Create a budget and compare it with your actual figures in real time with a single click. Get custom reports to manage your GST, QST, PST or HST to Revenu Quebec and Canada.



Are you overspending? Are you meeting your target sales? Let Xero become your CFO and enjoy real time reporting to compare your actual figures to your projected revenus. There is a reason why companies do monthly board meetings. Let Xero help you make sure your right on track.

Track what’s important

View your financial reporting by tracking your type of sales, costs, projects, salesperson or line of products. Drill to as many details as you want, quickly and easily.

Professional, user-friendly  reports

Export your reports in a nice PDF version to present it to shareholders, team members, potential investors or partners. Take advantage of the report snapshots functions to track your changes over time. Save your financial reports to Excel or Google Docs and keep the formatting and formulas.

Advanced financial reports

Profit&loss, balance sheet, fixed assets management, FX gains&losses and many more reporting tools completely configurable. Sales taxes to remit? Done with a complete and compliant audit tax report that details each transaction and each sales tax by tax component.