Go live with real-time bank reconciliation

Import automatically your bank, credit cards and paypal accounts daily to Xero. Log online anytime, anywhere from your Mac, PC, tablet or mobile and match statement lines with transactions in Xero and just click OK to reconcile. It really is that easy!


Save time and reconcile

Reconcile your bank, credit card and paypal accounts by setting up bank rules and clicking OK. When the green light is ON, you’re good to reconcile. Create, Match, Transfer or Discuss with your accountant a specific transaction and if it is in a different currency, let Xe.Com convert it to the daily rate required. With over 160 currencies supported, you do not need to calculate exchange rates manually anymore!

Always stay informed

Get instant access to your financial data by logging in from your tablet, your phone, your Mac or your PC. Stay informed and reconcile your bank, your credit card and your paypal transactions from anywhere and at any time. Discuss with your accountant via the chat box a transaction that needs special accounting and attach files and back-up that support the transaction in question so everything is available and ready.

Real time reporting for real big decisions

Make better business decisions with real time reporting. Control your cash flow, your incomings and outgoings more efficiently and plan ahead with more accurate data your next moves. Don’t wait until you receive your bank statements to give it to your accountant. Recopying your bank transactions line by line in another software is a waste of time when you can just synchronise everything in one place and just press Refresh!

Automatic reconciliation

Xero will match automatically your bank, credit card and paypal transactions to your invoices or bills in your accounts receivable or payables ledgers. Bank rules simplify your work load by coding all your recurrent transactions in the same ledger and calculate automatically the right tax amount that needs to be considered. Don’t waste your time adding up bank fees, press OK and let Xero code them in the bank fees GL account in a heartbeat.