Cloud payroll solutions

There are many payroll accounting solutions available on the market.
Aclouding will help you find the one that suits your needs.


Complete & compliant payroll

Payroll is often outsourced because compliance is challenging. Let us help you switch to the cloud and make sure your payroll is compliant and accurate. Remit online your payroll remittance and give your employees access to their pay stubs online. T4, R1 and CSST forms are also prepared by our firm to make sure your year end filing is complete.

Bank level Security

Pay your staff with online deposits via secure banking. Acloudants will use cloud payroll solutions to process your payrun and do the proper payments to each employee as well as to Revenu Canada and Quebec for all payroll deductions if you chose to.

Always up to date

Make sure your payroll calculations are up to date by using the latest tables and legislative changes. Acloudants use cloud payroll solutions that automatically updates all the rates necessary to make your remittances accurate. Your staff can also access their paystubs via their own secure login as well as their cumulative vacation and health benefits advantages.

Online payslips and automatic pay runs

Enter pay run information and have your employees view their payslips and know their salary and payment date in a few clicks. Detailed reporting gives you the bottom line on your wages and synchronises automatically your pay runs to update your general ledger and avoid manual entries.